Tank Checks & Fuel Delivery on Autopilot

Whether you need ultra-clean heating oil, propane, or kerosene, leave tank checks and delivery schedules to us. We designed our innovative monitoring system with trusted calculations to meet your unique heating and home fuel needs.

How Automatic Home Delivery Works

We can set-up automatic home delivery over the phone. No contract is required! If you are a new customer, we can either use old statements from your previous fuel supplier or estimate your usage based on customers in your neighborhood. Instead of calling us every time you need a delivery, leave the fuel tank check and delivery scheduling to us.

  • Keep Your Fuel Tank Full
  • Keep Fuel Costs Low, Automatically
  • Beat the Winter Season Rush
  • Total and Complete Convenience

Just another way Main-Care Energy provides 360° of Service — making sure your tank is full, always.

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