Leave checking your fuel tank and scheduling deliveries to us. You won’t even have to worry about being home for fuel deliveries ever again. Whether you need ultra-clean heating oil, propane, or kerosene, deliveries are scheduled through our innovative monitoring system. This trusted calculation is designed to meet your unique heating and home fuel needs.


We use a sophisticated monitoring system to track your energy usage and accurately predict your fuel needs based on weather patterns. This allows us to schedule a fuel delivery based solely on when you need it. Automatic delivery can be set up over the phone and no contract is required! If you are new to us, we can either use old statements from your previous fuel supplier, or estimate your likely usage based on our customers in your neighborhood. Instead of having to call us every time you need a delivery, you don’t have to do a thing. We will simply come to your home and fill your tank automatically!

Just another way Main-Care Energy provides 360° Of Service—making sure your tank is full...always.

Beat The Winter Season Rush

Keep Your Tank Full

Total And Complete Convenience

Cut Your Fuel Costs

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