Main Care Energy


Keep the lights on no matter what with a whole-house standby generator from Main-Care Energy. Our complete installation package includes name-brand equipment with all electric and gas connections and lines – plus 24/7/365 emergency service, and routine maintenance and inspections. In addition, Main-Care Energy offers fair and competitive pricing on both propane gas and natural gas to keep your generator running. Rest easy. This bundled package of service and equipment provides you with total peace of mind while also saving you money.

Never Be Without Power Again

Continue to operate the equipment vital to keeping your home safe and comfortable.

Totally Automatic

During a power outage, the generator will automatically start itself, providing power back to your home within 30 seconds.

Energy Efficient

Choose between a natural gas or propane unit, both of which are clean-burning and highly efficient, saving you money

Built To Last

Built in steel or aluminum cabinets for a longer life, with options for air or liquid cooling


While portable generators may be less expensive in the short run, investing in a professionally installed automatic generator will provide you with years of safe, dependable power. There is no need to put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation to set up, add fuel, or run extension cords. These standby units also keep you safe from dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning, and protect utility employees from electrical back feed to the power lines


Portable generators can provide power to a few small appliances, but a standby generator is designed to reliably provide power to your entire home or business. Our generators are totally automatic, kicking on within 30 seconds of a power failure, even if you aren’t home, so you can be confident that your home is always protected.

Complete Parts and Labor Coverage and Preventative Maintenance Plan

  • Parts Coverage – Replacement of Parts at No Charge
  • Labor Coverage – No Charge for Labor 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days A Year
  • Pre-Scheduled Annual Maintenance Check – Includes Tune-up, Cleaning & Inspection
  • Additional Runtime Maintenance – Service required after additional 50 hours of use
  • $55 Renewal Rebate – If only routine maintenance is required during the contract year
  • Automatic Renewal

Energy Saving Incentive: Save $ .05 per Gallon Propane or $ .05 per Therm of Natural Gas