360° of Service Also Means Protecting Our Environment.


Stay warm without warming the atmosphere. Using Bioheat® Fuel from Main-Care Energy, you can feel good about your heating fuel choices by helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our industry-leading Bioheat initiative provides you with more efficient, cleaner-burning heating fuels for your home or business.


Benefits Everyone Can Feel Good About

Main-Care Energy is leading the way on the transition to Bioheat Fuel, but the benefits speak for themselves.


A greener option

An eco-friendly alternative to traditional heating fuels, cleaner-burning Bioheat has been rigorously tested for quality and performance so that the only thing you’ll be losing is your carbon footprint. In fact, when compared to traditional petroleum fuel oil, Bioheat can reduce pollution by 50 percent.

…that saves you green

It might sound too good to be true, but Bioheat burns so cleanly and efficiently, you may use less heating fuel, saving you money while also helping protect our environment. What’s more, the transition to Bioheat will result in no additional costs to our customers, and it is fully compatible with your existing oil heating system.

American-made energy

Bioheat has created more than 62,000 U.S jobs in sectors like manufacturing and transportation. Increased demand for soybeans used to produce biodiesel helps farmers, and livestock farmers benefit as soy-based feed costs go down.

Protecting our community

Our commitment to improving our community also means protecting our environment. You can rely on our 24/7/365 service as we deliver Bioheat to your home or business just as we have delivered traditional heating oil for decades.

Never sacrificing quality

We have built our reputation around delivering the highest quality fuel products, and the switch to Bioheat will be no different. Rigorously tested to ensure quality, cleaner-burning Bioheat offers the same “warm” heat produced by traditional heating oil but with fewer emissions.

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